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Birds Updated September 22
Orchids Not much here...only one pic! :(

Notes from Pine Island:
September 12, 2002
So I haven't been updating the site lately, mostly because I've been spending every free moment either birding, learning how to digiscope, or touching up my recent pictures to eventually post them to this site. Judging by the clear sky tonight, it looks like many of the birds that have stuck around the past few days might be getting a nice ride south...which leaves me with a few extra hours to work on the site that I'd usually spend at Lucky Hammock before work. Please feel free to comment on the pictures as I'm always looking for some constructive criticism. As always, the material on this site is copyrighted. Use of these images is prohibited unless written permission is granted by me. By all means, though, if you're interested in using these photos, just ask!!!

September 22, 2002
Well, I think I've finally got it ready enough to post. The Fall Migration count was yesterday, so today I took the day to relax and finish up the website. I hope you enjoy it!


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